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We can only take on leads pertaining to tree injections at this time.

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Priority For Existing Customers

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Our #1 core service/passion includes tree diagnosis, internal tree injections, preventative, and therapeutic tree care.  In short, we want to intervene with various ailments, before a tree is in a terminal state.  Not to forget, our tree injections are effective for internal nutrient boosts.

Our #2 core service focuses on structure tree pruning. We aim to mitigate storm damage to trees with no compromise to a tree’s natural beauty. We maintain small ornamental trees to large shade trees.  Dormant tree pruning is our preferred time of year to prune trees as this is optimal for the trees. 95% of our tree pruning is residential and we serve 3 local HOA’s.

Our #3 service is tree removal.  In short, we would rather not take on tree removals any longer.  We would like to focus on keeping trees alive longer by mitigating, pathogens, insects, and nutrient deficiencies.