Tree Removal Can Be Technical

Large and small trees are best removed by a professional tree service. Parker Tree Service has proper equipment, formal training, and practical experience to dismantle trees safely. The goal is to create minimal impact on the landscape as possible and to avoid any form of property damage.

Conventional tree removal is performed with rigging techniques. A more advanced approach for a tree removal is with the assistance of a crane. A majority of our tree removals are now performed this way. If you’re interested, watch this video of how a huge tree can be removed with a crane.

Large Tree Removal
If the job site has a good area, whole tree felling is the most efficient way to remove a tree (fig. 1-2). Technical Tree and Branch Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree using a crane. A crane will assist picking up large sections of wood in short time periods. A crane can also add safety for the climber dismantling the tree (fig. 3).

The tree in fig. 4 was not safe to physically put a climber’s weight 100% on the tree while dismantling it. We created two horizontal lines to assist in the tree removal process. The top line was for the climber’s safety. The lower line was for rigging sections of wood out of the tree. This system provided minimal shock to the decaying tree as possible.

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