Mulching Tips: Organic Landscaping with Woodchips

Mulching is a great way to keep moisture in the soil. It is also beneficial because as it decomposes, it will be adding organic matter back into the ground.

How high should I pile the mulch?
3″-4″ of mulch is perfect. However, do not allow the mulch to build up near the trunk. If there is a significant amount of mulch at the trunk, it will encourage root collar rot. If your tree gets root collar rot, then it will be possible to weaken and fall over.

How far out from the trunk should you place the mulch?
For younger trees, the rule of thumb is as far out as the drip line of the tree. Basically, as far out (horizontally) as the tips of the lateral branches.

We have a endless supply of free mulch/woodchips and firewood! Contact our office for directions.