The fact is, we are really good at cost-effective tree removals. 

Especially with our own crane

(We do not hire a sub-contracted crane service).  

We have been a local small business, in Longmont, since 2002.  We have removed thousands of trees in Boulder County.  Do we love to kill trees?  Absolutely not!  99% of the tree removals we have taken down were trees in a terminal state of decline; every one of these trees were affected by a pathogen or pest.   The other 1% of the tree removals we have done are for customer’s personal needs (irreparable storm damage, minimize risk, home improvements, landscape projects, neighbor relations, etc…).

  • For the record, we are experts with tree pruning.  We have trained and preserved thousands of trees.  The nature of any tree service business is to provide both tree removal and tree pruning; that’s the reason why we cut down trees.
  • The sad story is; Boulder County has a lot of demand for tree removals because the state of the urban forest is not looking well.

Wait! what?  You need a crane to remove trees?

We invested to meet our customer’s needs.  Our largest investment is a 38 ton meter, knuckle boom crane to keep up with the heavy demand for tree removals.  The crane allows us to lift and move thousands of pounds of tree at a time versus tens or hundreds of pounds at a time.   It is a mechanized assembly line-like method to set the tree right behind the chipper for processing.  We bypass the need to lower tree limbs down to the ground, the roof, the flowers, gardens, cut into managable sizes, etc…    This truly reduces overall time on a project, keeps a clean operation and keeps rates competitive for customers.

Case and point, the average lift ranges between 2,000lb -3,000lbs.  On a large tree removal, it is not uncommnt to see the trunk wood range between 5,000lbs and 7,000lbs.  The largest lift so far has been an 11,000lb Cottonwood  trunk!

  • Certainly, not all tree removals require a crane!  We are experienced and skilled to dismantle trees without a crane.  We provide technical tree dismantling solutions to provide zero impact to a property.

We are not a “one trick pony” operation.