What we consider “urgent” tree service

  • Broken branch(s) still in tree, yet small enough not to put people or property at risk; can be taken care of in a few days or weeks
  • Fallen branch(s) on ground not putting people & property at risk, nor does is disrupt the public Right-of-Way or private drive; can be taken care of in a few days or few weeks

What we consider “emergency” tree care

  • There is imminent risk to failure (the tree has a new lean, large crack, actively splitting, etc… ) and will have severe or catastrophic consequences to people or property, if/when it fails; must be taken care of right away.
  • A tree, or large limb, is on a home, vehicle, garage, etc… it will continue to do damage to property, if it isn’t taken care of right away.
  • A tree, or large limbs, is blocking vehicular or pedestrian traffic in a public Right-of-Way or private property; must be take care of right away.

Emergency Tree Service Billing:

Emergency tree service will be billed hourly (not a fixed bid). Why? Emergency work will often put our crew at risk, may force a crew to work over-time hours, inconvenience previously scheduled customers to be moved further out, create extra time/labor for office administration, etc.

We will still provide a range of time/cost to complete a job to avoid any surprises with cost. All estimates would be provided in writing with a “will not exceed” clause.