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After 20 years we are rethinking our sustainability practices.  My goal is to be a leading sustainable tree service in Colorado…

I’m trying to model my business similar to how European arborists do their operations.  They often have smaller operations that drive sustainability in various ways.

Tree operations generate two valuable resources; mulch & firewood.  We hauled, transported, lifted, cut, chipped, tree branches, and logs for most of our business years.  It’s simply  “the way it was always done”, right?  Now, our tree operations allow us to give you YOUR resources.  We would like to encourage you or a friend to keep your mulch and firewood.

Your trees can seriously use their own mulch.  A regular forest has loose, moist, temperate, and nutrient-rich soil.  Urban soil is hard, saline & alkaline.  Please consider adding “mulch rings” below your trees.  This added service is complimentary when you choose us.

We can place mulch in your garden, your flower beds, or simply a pile somewhere on your property.  We can also cut firewood and place it in a place of your choice.  Again, this a complimentary service when you choose us.

If you don’t see a need for this byproduct, we are prepared to take it away.

We tough guys use battery-powered chainsaws and leaf blowers!

I personally can’t stand stinky, smokey, loud, and vibratory saws any longer. We primarily use human-powered tools and battery-powered tools.  We only use gas saws on occasion.

I drive an electric vehicle!

Can you believe it; a tree dude who likes efficiency, performance, and a smooth ride?! I typically drive my Chevy Spark EV to do onsite quotes, errands, etc… There is no need for me to drive a large vehicle around to do quotes.

I converted from owning one of the largest wood chippers in the region to the tiniest wood chipper in the region!

I used to have an 18,000lb tow behind wood chipper that required a massive class 8 truck to tow.

We now have two tiny wood chippers that are self-propelled. We can bring our tiny chipper anywhere on a property and chip tree branches right next to the tree we operate on.  This is “revolutionary” as the older method is to walk tree branches long distances to the wood chipper, parked in the street.  Typically larger wood chippers are ideal to have as they can handle the larger volume of tree material (logs and branches).

Well, we no longer want to do tree removals, so we are using appropriately sized wood chippers for our operations.  Makes sense, right?

I used to own a 38 ton-meter crane!

While I do agree that using a crane is very appropriate for a majority of tree removals, after a few thousand tree removals, I simply got tired of it.  I thought a huge crane would alleviate me from manual labor… Ha!  With this line of work, manual labor just doesn’t go away.

But, why?

  • We are simply “turning a new leaf” with my family and how we do a tree service business.