Please note:

We Prefer to Prune Trees December through February (some exceptions may apply)


It is widely accepted, in the tree care industry, winter tree pruning is best for the trees. Due to this point, and the high demand for tree removals in Longmont, we have changed our tree pruning practices to be conducted in the winter.

Here are a few top reasons for pruning in the winter; the insect and pathogen activity is low and wound closure is best, late winter to early spring.

Dormant tree pruning can be more efficient (cost-effective) to the customer, for the following reasons:

  • No leaves on the tree which means, the arborist can plan to navigate the tree faster and plan the pruning cuts faster.

  • You, the customer, can see the improvements with the structure and form of the tree better.

  • Ground Clean-Up takes less time.

  • Stinging insects are likely to be gone, which makes for a safer experience for the arborist as well!