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We have provided residential tree service in Longmont, and the surrounding area, for nearly 20 years.

We prefer to work with a tree’s natural biological process.  So, we prefer to do high-pressure trunk injections during the warm growing season.  We use the Arbor-jet Quick Jet method for delivery.

We then prefer to prune trees in the cold dormant season as this is beneficial to the trees, helpful on beneficial insects, and let’s wildlife carry on as needed.

Tree Pruning: We understand the theory and put to practice young tree and mature tree structure pruning.  Thus, we aim to mitigate the storm damage to trees with no compromise to a tree’s natural beauty.

We maintain small ornamental trees up to large shade trees.

Lastly, we encourage you to keep the mulch and firewood from your tree pruning projects.  We generate valuable mulch as a byproduct.  We’d like to give that back to you, your landscape, and back to your trees.  Mulch is a way to give back to your trees, shrubs, garden, etc…