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Parker Tree Service is now located in Mead, CO.  Our core customer base is Longmont and surrounding areas.

Hi. I’m Jamin Parker Mayer.  I’m the dude in the middle of the outdated photo below.  This is an actual “about us” page.  This is not vague, superficial content you may read on “about us” web pages these days.

Back in 2001, I had an odd divine calling to get into the tree care industry.  With very awesome confirmations I started this tree service business in 2002, in Longmont.  I lived in Longmont until April of 2021.  We moved to Mead to better separate business from home.  (We used to live in a rural property with mixed use of business and family.  We needed a change).

At the same time I started this small business I started a family.  Our son Parker (the dude in the light green shirt) was born in 2001.  I realized most of my motivation for starting a business was to provide for my first-born son, Parker. So, why not name the business after him, right?  When I started the business, it was fun to tell people, “I work for my son!”  Thus, Parker Tree Service was named after the Mayer family’s firstborn son, Parker Mayer.

“The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

This photo is outdated by 4 years and will be updated soon.  Nevertheless, Parker is almost 20!  He is working with me full-time since June of 2019.  He is very mature for his age, learns fast, a good problem solver, and wants to work with trees!  In fact, all 3 of my boys are getting big and have their own interests.  But, they help the business operations in summer and occasionally for the rest of the year.

We have 4 beautiful girls (5 counting my lovely lady).  I know.  Current photo coming soon.  My girls crack me up.  They are a natural cure for “a rough day at work.”  They make me laugh every day.  Sure, they know how to dress up and all, but you should see their agility to run around and play around our massive log pile.  I call them my little mountain goats!


The state of Parker Tree Service

Parker Tree Service, the business, has continued to grow steadily for nearly 20 years.  We have a good reputation among competitors and a good reputation with our 2,000+ customers.  Our loyal customer base suggests we are organized, professional, qualified, educated, thorough, and safe.  We have great customer service and enjoy calling Longmont our home.

Like a forest, our process of “succession”,  has come with growth and losses.  After a forest goes through a set-back, known as a “disturbance” there is a period of time called “flux”.  This period of time is sort of like nature pressing the reset button after a loss.  What appears to be a major setback (like a fire or gale) may actually be a way for a forest to regenerate and adapt.

As a small business owner who loves to learn by trial and error (the painful way), I have experienced many “ways to do business”.  We have had very large crew sizes, lots of machinery, trucks, massive crane, massive wood chippers, etc… Some of the painful experiences have been growing opportunities for me as a person.

Where we are currently, as a small business is by choice/self-control.  I/we were “out of control” with too many “things” of this life eroding who I am and who my family is.   The choice to slow down our business, enjoy family, restore my body from all the injuries, pay attention to a transcendent cause, is all intentional.

That means, we cannot help everyone with tree-related needs.  But, we can take on new clients with trees in need of “internal tree care”.  Tree injections are one of the best ways to intervene and help trees in “trouble”.


Our business is “green” in that we take a holistic approach to tree care and we stress, “Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle.”  We have never wasted any of our bi-products from our tree operations.  We have never taken any tree debris to a landfill.  All bi-products have been repurposed as a heat resource or as mulch.  In fact, we have provided free firewood and mulch for over a decade.  We have literally given away several thousand tons of wood products over the years.  We will continue to provide free wood products, to the public, as long as we are in business.

Where we are growing?

We are actually growing by receding back (divesting).  I’m in the operations training/growing (investing) Parker to be one of the next strong-rooted tree dudes in the family.  I hope to get all of my children somehow into the business of trees.  There are a lot of potentials.

Tyler, the dude in the striped shirt, seems to be a natural tree climber.  He is a hard worker and meticulous with tree pruning.

For the Over Population concerned people; I assure you, we do not strain the environment or the natural resources. We are good contributors to society and we have been living a life conscientious to reduce our environmental footprint, thank you!  If you don’t believe me, come and have a cordial conversation with me. You’ll see how we don’t use up the world’s resources and how we teach our children to be good stewards of our resources.  (Sorry, this little paragraph is a response to an anonymous letter sent to us in the mail.  The writer said they would never use our services again since we were overpopulating the earth and using up all the earth’s resources.  LMAO).