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Can you help me with my Maple tree? It is pale yellow.

I believe we can help you, but I also need your help. Together we will help your tree. I’ll explain below.

Alkaline soil holds back micro-nutrients that are responsible for creating chlorophyll in trees. Essentially, eventually, chlorotic trees begin to starve to death; as they cease to convert sunlight into energy. You and I can work together to see if the tree “bounces back”. First, I suggest you purchase this product. Nutriroot. I get zero kickbacks for suggesting this product. This can be your DIY project in the growing season.

I can help with a trunk micro-injection to give a boost of nutrients to the tree. It would help promote the growth of chlorophyll (bring back the nice dark green leaves). The treatment is done in the fall, as the treatment can “burn” the leaves. Hence, the optimal time to do the injection is the Fall. The treatment lasts 2-3 years. I’m using the high-pressure system and the product is called Mn-jet Fe. Please see the label for the nutrients in the chemical injection. The prescription is proprietary and not available at a store.

Our results would be most noticeable the following spring. The tree leaves should start to get green, once again. Would you be interested in my service?