We give away FREE, bio-diverse, clean mulch.  (Logs are on hold for the next several months)

  • Self-serve, 7 days per week, from dawn to dusk
  • We provide tools to help you load your own mulch
  • Heavy machinery is welcome, if you have it!
  • If you are taking away logs or mulch, you have permission to park trailers or machinery on our property (for a day or so)
  • Please level out any ruts
  • Chainsaws and log splitters are welcome
  • Please wear chainsaw chaps and eye protection
  • You enter our property at your own risk (we’re friendly, we just don’t want you to hurt yourself)

Quality of Mulch

We have provided thousands of tons of free mulch, in the Longmont area, for nearly a decade.
Just because we are providing the community a free product, doesn’t mean it is poor quality. On the contrary; our chipper produces playground quality mulch. The mulch we acquire is diverse with species of tree and parts of the tree. We could easily charge a minimum of $10/cubic yard, for our mulch (not delivered).

Money Saving Tip!

    Use arborist mulch as a base layer, and then put the expensive colored/decorative mulch on top (the Jones’s will never know).